Becoming familiar with natural stones and related terms to it


1. Why one kind of travertine stone has two kinds of form and shape?

Travertine is formed from uncompressed calcareous sedimentary layers which depending on the type of cutting (parallel and perpendicular to the top layer) divided into layered and without seeing layer. They have little difference in pricing, but they have different forms.


2. What is mastic difference (filler) on the processing of travertine?

Travertine is inherently have pores and sometimes they are in the shape of the cave so filling or not filling with mastic (filler), the kind of filler and the type of polishing changes its price.

Mastic is usually composed of Paraffin, wax, epoxy cement (new technology) with the same color of the stone. However, paraffin and waxy kind stones are cheap, simple and without much effort in processing, but epoxy is luxurious and expensive. (Wax, paraffin or frosted glass mode cement gives 100% optical reflex to travertine).


3. Does exist another type of processing in travertine?

Of course, there are other types of polishing in travertine which are forged, ANTIQUE TILE, TUMBLED STONE, acidic and leather. The most expensive type is leather type and does not fill with mastic and gives leather-mode to the stone.


4. Why the price of stones are different?

Price of stones depends on kind, colors, motifs, aggregation and the physical properties of stones. Hardness and softness (hard stone has high processing and cutting cost), the amount of reserves, the distance to main roads, the processing costs and the cost of mining are effective in pricing.


5. Why the price of stones are different at various places?

The extraction of stone, It’s abundance and physical properties of stone such as hardness and the quality of the processing of it is also effective in pricing. Premium high-quality stone has higher price.


6. Why the price of tile is higher than slabs (slab tile)?

Slabs are usually processed from high quality and best stones so they have higher price of processing.


7. Do slabs appropriate for installing in buildings?

The slab stone are used as feed for stone cutting or wholesales that have the possibility to move and cut it and it’s not appropriate to install in the buildings.


8. Why the price of small size tile is cheap and large size tile is more expensive?

In large size tiles in addition to consuming more stones, production losses increases as well and affects the increase of final price.


9. Is it possible to produce stones with specific plan, shape, size or stone artifacts?

Yes it’s possible to produce stones with specific shape, form or size but its amount must be equal to at least size of a 20’container.


Becoming familiar with the installation, designing and making design and installation contract


10. Do you install stones in any location and country?

We can make installation contract with any country and in anyplace, but it will economical for you to make contract with closest places and people. For Iran’s neighbors, we are ready to make installation and setup contract.


11. How the installation price being calculated?

Depending on the conditions of the installation location, the area and work conditions are become specified by agreement between the customer and performer.


12. Do the design contract is only possible?

Yes, only design contract is applicable. Just the building plan with map or the applicable common software being presented.


13. How is design agreement done and how much is the wage of it?

The design contract is usually possible with the customer’s agreement and day price.


Becoming familiar with the contract, sale and transportation steps


14. After choosing the type and color of stone and agreeing the price, how contract is being made?

The contract of sale is made with the agreement with the customer. Paying the price of the stone, the terms of transportation, the insurance terms and other conditions with customer should be write in the contract.


15. How is the payment terms?

Payment terms are usually possible through cash, PayPal, L/C. Of course the banking terms should be possible (in the case of the L/C).


16. Is credit payment possible?

Selling by bank credit is possible but in a short time interval. (Finance).of course the banking terms should be possible. Bank and bank costs borne by the buyer.


17. What are the means of transport?

Depending on the location of the buyer and agreeing with it, transport is possible through trailer train, aircraft or ship.


18. How rent delivery is being calculated and where is goods delivery place?

Usually the delivery point will be calculated via FOB and is an agreement between the buyer and us.


19. Does the buyer send inspector or representative to deliver the goods?

Yes, it is possible. Seller can send an agent for receiving and checking goods with the agreement of the buyer.


20. How is the calculation of customs fees?

Usually the customs fees will be calculated via FOB and the fare after delivery and customs fees depends to the buyer.


21. Is representation contract or the exclusive contract with people or companies in other countries possible?

Yes, long term contract, sales representative or exclusive sales contract with individuals or companies is possible.


22. Are commodity prices cheap for trust agents?

Yes, the stone is being sold cheap to representatives, but the amount of the purchase of agent should not be less than contract.


23. Is it possible to send samples?

Yes there is a possibility of sending product samples and it costs borne by the applicant.


24. How much is the minimum purchase order amount?

Usually depends on the thickness of the stone but usually is at least in the size of 20-foot container which is 300 square meters.